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I grew up in a house full of paintings, drawings and books.  I can't remember a time when I didn't paint, draw or make things.  My dad was a painter, potter, calligrapher and dedicated art teacher.  Sunday trips with him to the Tate Gallery (at a time when there was only one) and excursions along the King's Road in the late 1960's/early 1970's were my early art education.   Art in all its diverse forms was at the heart of my formation.   


I had intended to be a graphic designer.  Instead, I read Spanish and South American literature and history at University College London, before training formally in fine art in my late 20's.  I gained a 1st class degree in painting at WSCAD (Farnham) and undertook a postgraduate year at Central St Martins in London.  I've had various studios in London : in Camberwell, at Pixley Street near Canary Wharf and at Oaks Park in suburban south west London.  Many of my paintings have been bought by collectors in Greece, Spain, France and the USA, as well as in the UK.


In 1990, by chance, I started designing contemporary rugs for Kappa Lambda Rugs, whose focus was in high-end retail and architect/interior design projects.  Many of my rugs are in residential, corporate and commercial premises in the UK and abroad.  My work has been included in major design and media events including 100% Design, ‘UK Now!’ (Melbourne), ‘Best of British’ (Canary Wharf) and ‘TGI Friday’ (the first series!) I was included in Christopher Farr and Matthew Bourne's book 'Contemporary Rugs' published by Merrell in 2002.


In 2016 I started working with clay again - something I hadn't done since my youth - and moved to the coast.  The job I give myself as an artist is to interpret aspects of human experience - whether personal, observed, reported or imagined - from a female perspective.


All kinds of source materials inform my working processes - Ted Hughes' collection of poems "Birthday Letters", chronicling his relationship with Sylvia Plath, Prunella Clough's later paintings, the work of Serge Poliakoff, Susan Rothenberg, Eduardo Chillida's graphic works, Sonia Delaunay's textiles,  Phillip Larkin's poem "Aubade", Hugo Williams' collection of poems entitled "Billy's Rain", Bonnard's last self-portrait, memories of rainy Summers in Scotland, and a current preoccupation with a darkening worldview.